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Top 5 Supplements and Exercises to build six pack abs.

 To build abs you need to work hard because exercising in gym and picking up heavy weights will give you disappointment. Therefore, you need a perfect combination of supplements and exercises to achieve the abs goals you want. So here are some ways to Build Six Pack Abs



1. Fat Burner

fat burner

It can be very confusing for you to choose which fat burner best for you. So, we basically have major 6 types of fat burners you can choose from by going through there description:

1. Thyroid Regulator: Thyroid can be one reason for your slow fat  lose. If you do not have proper level of thyroid, it can be difficult for you to loose the body fat and get perfect abs.


2. Fat Blockers: Fat blockers combines with fat with the help of an important ingredient chitosan. It doesn’t let the fat digest in you body.


3. Carb Blockers: Blocking the carbs and fat digestion can help you to get slimmer. Carb Blockers combines with the carbohydrates that we consume with the help of  a special ingredient “white kidney bean extract“. It doesn’t let carbohydrates digest in you body.


4. Cortisol Blocker: Cortisol is a hormone released in your body. It maintains equilibrium of the body. Cortisol Blocker will help you to maintain your cortisol level with the help of special ingredient phosphatidylserine.


5. Appetite Suppressants: when you are on diet and need to control your craving, this fat burner type is the best. It contains hoodia which helps to suppress your appetite and fight against your craving.


6. Thermogenic: Thermogenic increases your inner temperature and keeps you warm when you consume it. You inner warmth will help to burn calories and will lead to more fat loss. Thermogenic contains caffeine, synephrine HCL.


2. Protein Powder


protein powders

It helps your muscle power and muscle strength grow, which will improve your performance. It can help you lose fat as it gives you ability to work even harder. A good quality of protein powder can help you to build lean muscle mass and cut body’s fat simultaneously.


3. Pre-Workout

pre workout powder

It helps to boast your energy and increase your performance. It contains some special ingredients, which are:

1. Caffeine: It helps to enhance your mental drives and concentration level.

2. L-Tyrosine: it helps to increase strength, endurance and boast power.

3. Beta-alanine: It buffers the lactic acid in the body which improves the ability to perform high intensity exercises.

4. L-arginine: It enhances the blood flow in your body and helps to get better oxygen and nutrients in muscle cells.


4. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)


It is also a fat cutting protocol which helps to increase fat breakdown and inhibit fat production, helping in overall fat loss.




It is very useful when you are on dieting, which helps you to get energy that your body find in other wrong places like muscle tissue. BCAAs gives you energy and lowers down catabolism. So, by mixing BCAA powder in water you can stay hydrated all day and improve your endurance.




No supplement works in isolation. Therefore, you need to work hard along with supplements. To Build Six Pack Abs body, here are some exercises you can do along with your supplements:


1. Arm-High Partial Sit-Up

Arm high partial situp position to build six pack abs

Lie on the back and bent your knees at 90 degrees.

Raise your arms overhead and pull yourself half way up and steadily return to ground.


2. Swiss-Ball Crunches

Swiss ball crunch position

Lie back on the ball with the feet and shoulder wide open.

Fold your hands behind your ear and tuck your chin. Your lower body should be supported proper by the ball.

Curl you body half way up then rest down again.


3. Leg Raise

Leg raise position to Build six pack abs

Lie on the floor and keep your legs straight.

Raise the legs upward until they are vertical.

Steadily bring them back on the normal position.


4. Pike To Superman

Pike to superman position

Get into push up position with the toes on the Swiss ball.

Bend your hips and roll it towards you so that your torso is vertical.

Roll back you body again to straighten up your back.


5. Plank

Plank Position to build abs

Get in push up position and bend your elbows to lower your forearms to the floor. Hold in that position.


So, your six pack abs is just a few steps away from you. Work hard to get what you want. Build Six Pack Abs body and outshine in crowd, let people admire your fitness and body!

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