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How To Choose Perfect Protein Powder!

Protein is very essential for our body as it helps us in growth, reproduction, healing as well as it supports our immune system. There is a certain amount of protein which is needed by our body, i.e. minimum 50g for women and 65g for men. But always remember one thing, too much consumption of protein is also not healthy for body as it put excess pressure on our kidneys and can increase the amount of calcium excrete in urine which can further risk our bones in longer term. So here are few things you should keep in mind when you Choose Perfect Protein Powder for you.

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What is the need of protein powder?

From an athlete to a bodybuilder to a sports person, everybody need protein powder as it helps to build muscle mass. Everybody now-a-days have to Choose Perfect Protein Powder for themselves to gain weight or are on liquid diet can use protein powders. Protein powder helps toning our body and increases our endurance. By increasing the protein modesty it can also help you to lose weight.


What to look for in a Perfect Protein Powder?


Always choose whey protein isolate as they are less expensive and complete protein and is easily absorbed. Casein based powders digests slowly, which makes it less effective for muscle synthesis. Talking about collagen protein, studies have said nothing much about its effectiveness.

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BCAA (branched chain amino acid) is essential for maintenance and growth. Lists label BCAA as the ratio of leucien, isoleucine and valine respectively. Always look for two-part of Lucien to one part of isoleucine to one part of valine for a perfect protein powder. This ratio is ideal for fat loss, fatigue and muscle building.

BCAA ratio in Protein powder


 Look for that protein powder that has up to 3% of your daily value of carbs per cap. Plain protein powder that has eight ounces of low-fat milk will give you with necessary amount of post workout carbs. Carbs is essential for body as it increases insulin that further absorbs amino-acid stimulating the muscle growth.

Carbs in Protien powder


Many companies might use artificial sugar or zero calories sugar like Stevia. This keeps your carb and calories low. However, artificial sweeteners can be harmful as it might harm beneficial gut bacteria. Stevia is okay! As it tastes weird but mixes with xylitol and sorbitol which are the sugar alcohol causing bloating and gas.

sweet content in Protein powders


Prebiotic is a helpful bacteria but the intake of amount and type of prebiotic depend on the person and their gut microbiota. Avoid the prebiotic and for the intake talk to a proper registered dietician.

avoid prebiotics in Protein Powder


always Choose Perfect Protein Powder that is ideally sweetened with as less ingredient as possible.  Ratio of 150 calories per 25g is the ideal amount of protein powder for fat loss and muscle gain.

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