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Category: Exercises

Blogs related to different exercises you can do to get perfect body.

Fit In Your Old Jeans In Two Weeks!

Love your old jeans? And now you don’t fit into it? Here are few steps you can follow and fit in your old beloved jeans within 2 weeks. All you have to follow is circuit training for 3 days a week and high intensity interval for 2 days and you can tone your thighs and […]

5 Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home

There are some exercises you can do at home and don’t have to join fancy gyms or buy expensive machines for them. Therefore, can stay fit even at home by taking out 15 minutes from you busy schedule. Here is the list of 5 cardio exercises you can do at home: 1. Plank Plank is […]

Top 5 Supplements and Exercises to build six pack abs.

 To build abs you need to work hard because exercising in gym and picking up heavy weights will give you disappointment. Therefore, you need a perfect combination of supplements and exercises to achieve the abs goals you want. So here are some ways to Build Six Pack Abs   TOP 5 SUPPLEMENTS TO GET SIX […]