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Category: Diet

Blogs related to different diets and there do’s and don’ts

6 Home-Made Protein Shakes

Protein is very essential nutrient for the body. It helps in muscle growth, building enzymes and hormones and helps to repair tissues. Protein shakes helps in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol level and the risk factors of heart diseases. It does not only help in muscle growth but also helps in recovery after exercises. So, here […]

Quick Tips For Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is very important for your body as it provides nutrient, energy and important fluids. With healthy body you can work efficiently and effectively. So here are 10 quick tips for healthy diet. 1. Water is a necessity It is very important to be hydrated all the day. Drink at least 2 Lt […]

List of food item to eat and avoid on Keto Diet

Keto Diet is the short name of ketogenic diet which basically is very low-card and high fat diet. In this diet you drastically reduce the intake of carbohydrates and replace it with fat intake which will eventually put your body into metabolic state called ketosis. There are 4 major types of Keto diet Targeted Keto […]